Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Emerging Question

I recently had the opportunity to hear Doug Pagitt, prominent spokesperson for the Emerging Church movement and pastor of Solomon's Porch Church, answer several questions during a radio interview. I was frankly shocked at what was said. The question emerging in my mind at the moment is, can evangelical Christians consider the Emerging Church movement as a part of orthodox Christianity, or have they drifted too far from the core of our faith? Listen to the contrast between the short clips below by Doug Pagitt and John MacArthur. Oh, and if you are inclined to dialogue or develop a conversation about this idea, please feel free to leave a comment behind...

What is the prime motive of the Emergent Church movement?

To live well in the world with God.

- Doug Pagitt

Listen in to see what that means.

And now for a response by MacArthur on the topic of heaven and hell.

Now you've heard it. What do you think? Leave some comments.

Via Pulpit Magazine via Reformed Voices

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Santa Clarita made the news today...


While reading the news headlines today I ran across this story of a massive big rig wreck that shut down I-5. It turns out this took place about five minutes down the road from our apartment. Click the pic to see the story and accompanying video.